Monday, December 10, 2007

I love the white stuff...

What is it about a good ol' snowstorm to lift my spirits?

I mean, snow is cold and wet and slushy and it sticks to my car and ices up my door and I get stuck in the gutter or even my own driveway, let alone being bogged down on the freeway, right?

And yet, snow can take a dreary bland Utah landscape of the post fall leaf-changing burst of color and change it into a magical, bright place blanketed in light.

I love snow. I don't really ski (some cross-country, but never got into downhill), but I love to hike in it, build snowmen, and who doesn't love a good snowball fight with the kids!
I love it's acoustical value... Have you ever noticed how the world becomes insulated in sound-attenuated blankets and the harshness of surrounding sounds are softened by snow?

I hiked the neighborhood hollow and felt renewed in my spirit. Why does this happen?

The recent snow this weekend even made me excited to go shopping. I never go shopping this early in the season. I hate shopping! But I went out to join the throngs of holiday commercialists and it felt like everyone was a bit more happy spending their money because of the snow. Have we been so brainwashed by traditional images of what it's supposed to feel like that we actually "feel" it?

Or is there really magic in all that white stuff?
You know what?... this post is so gay...


Abelard Enigma said...

I love snow

You are a sick man!

this post is so gay

I love it when you post gay - even if it is about [ack] snow.

J G-W said...

For years, I fought the snow. I dreaded the winter months, which forced you to slow down, bundling up every time you go outdoors, bundling down and tracking in mud and water every time you came in... Travel from one place to another always taking an extra 15-30 minutes... And then there was the darkness.

One winter, Göran and I went on a sled outing, and had such a great time, we later went snow-shoeing. We had an incredible time. Since then, we've made a point of doing lots of fun winter activities each year. I've started looking forward to the winter months and craving snow.

I even began to realize that shoveling snow, which I always regarded as an extra, painful, time-consuming chore, was actually an opportunity for outdoor exercise!

You know, if you can't beat it, join it.

Abelard Enigma said...

if you can't beat it, join it

Or move to a climate that is more suitable for human habitation. It was 83 degrees here last Friday!

A cold front moved through the area yesterday; so it is only supposed to get up to 45 degrees today. Brrrr - but at least we don't have any of that white stuff on the ground :)

Anonymous said...

Love the snow! Its beautiful! I do love all the seasons. I love the summer and all the things it offers but I'm happy when it ends and the Autumn starts. I'm most excited about the winter comes but in the end of it I'm ready for the Spring.
Loved (and still do. My spouse not so much) going ice fishing with my dad when I was a kid,skiing,walking,hiking, skating,ice-hockey,sledding etc.
I can't wait to get the snow pusher out when the snow storms come and push the snow out the drive way ( my own and couple of the neighbor's as well). Love playing together with my child and dog in the snow and teach all the fun things my parents thought me when I was at my child's age. I love the feeling coming indoors from the cold and starting to warm up. Enjoy the snow while it lasts!!!

One of So Many said...

Snow is awesome! I love how it makes everything...equal. It levels out the uneveness of the ground and makes trees seem uniform. it's so nice.

Beck said...

Abe: You really don't know what you're missing... Isn't it boring living in a place that doesn't embrace each season fully? Granted, slipping and sliding and falling into a slush-filled pot hole or gutter isn't that thrilling - but don't you see beauty in snow even from a distance?

JGW: I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace a Minnesota winter as you have... I heard on the radio yesterday about a discussion of "global warming" in Minneapolis where one says to the other - "Oh, yippie! You mean our average winter temperature will change from -31 degrees to -29.5 degrees? And we should be panicking? We should be celebrating! Bring 'er on!" :)

ANON: I'm with you! I love each season and can't wait for the next one to come! Thanks for reading and commenting. Next time don't make yourself so anonymous.

OOSM: The evenness and uniformity is awesome. The stilling and calming affect is tremendous! "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Abelard Enigma said...

You guys are all seriously disturbed :)

but don't you see beauty in snow even from a distance?

Yes, the greater the distance the better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry not quite ready to get a name yet BUT I'm ready for a snowball fight. Splat!You are it! I just got you with my snowball! Sadly not strong enough to get one to Texas and if it would be possible that ball would rain down instead of causing a fun snowy splat on the back of a winter coat.
Have been reading a bit all of you here and there. You all seem very nice. Enjoy the weather. Wishing you a wonderful Holidays!