Sunday, December 23, 2007

Buon Natale...

In this strange medium called blogging, I have shared personal thoughts, feelings, and actions that I would never dream of sharing with my closest friends, family, Bishop, even my wife... it has served me well as an outlet and a source for information and a means whereby I can grasp for some self/group therapy. And yet, because of my being willing to open up and share my very private vulnerabilities with you (which I wonder at times if I'm not too honest and too revealing of my personal foibles and follies), and if you are following along, we have come to "know" each other (or at least this aspect that I reveal to you) through this miracle of MOHO queerosphere.

Many of you have become friends -dear friends... friends that know things about me that I don't even know about myself as you advise me in ways that I can't see, and you comment, and share, and support me as true friends. I thank you for your kindness and sensitivity for this confused and slow-to-learn gay boy.

With another Christmas upon us, may I say that I truly wish you joy and peace in your lives. We may be on different paths, (you may find it crazy and inconceivable that I've chosen to stay faithful to the Church and to my marriage and family), but, I learn from you, and have come to love you in ways that even a year ago I didn't think were possible... There is always room for you at my table.

Love and hugs,



J G-W said...

Big Cyber Christmas Hug!

Glad you're here.

lexangel said...

can you help me please?. I'm in a big sorrow that I cannot stand any longer. sometimes I think of killing myself but I'm not that brave. Please somebody help me.