Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's been pretty stressful lately.

We've been doing a lot of talking. She's reached the point where she can't deal with the status-quo of doing nothing. She's used the "D" word (divorce) for the first time, and phrases such as:

"Why did you ever marry me?"

"Do you find me repulsive?"

"It's so hard to lie next to you knowing you don't want to be with me"

"Are we just friends?"

"The only reason why I'm holding on is because of the kids..."

"Any other woman would have left you six months into this..."

"Why have you wasted the best years of my life?"

There's been a ton of tears, emotional turmoil, frustration... I think the "D" word has been used in frustration... but the point is well taken that she's through dealing with it in silence, in long-suffering, with a spirit of endurance for the hope of something better.

So, we eventually got to the point where I need to seek counseling.

(I know, I know... those who follow this blog are saying "well, it's about time, Beck!")


(drum roll please)

I actually have an appointment with a counselor who deals with these issues - a week from tomorrow. I know this shouldn't be so traumatic, but it is. At this point, however, I'd rather face a counselor with these issues than the tears and frustration of my wife. So, I'll give it a try. I'll be honest and open and see where this goes. At this point, it can't hurt. I mean, can things get worse?

There's already enough hurt to go around.

I'm feeling like they think I've got a "disease" or something, and I'm sick and need to see a doctor to get better. I feel like they think I'm damaged and need fixing... or at least I feel like this is what society, my wife, etc. expect of me - to be fixed.

I told her that I've become familiar with the different approaches of therapy - that there is affirmation therapy and reparation therapy and that I'm not sure I want either - am I entitled to a say in this matter? I mean, I don't feel like I need to be fixed. Yes, I'm broken. My heart is broken. My spirit is broken, but deep down, I don't feel broken. So what do I need to fix?

I don't feel the need to "embrace" affirmation, and yet the ecclesiastical approach of reparation is repulsive - as fasting and prayer and embracing the atonement aren't "cures" for this "disease". I need to find something in between.

I expressed this to her, and she understood and is trying to be supportive. She seems happier now that I've agreed to take this step.

I guess it remains to see if I'm stepping up to greater heights, or whether I'm stepping off the cliff.


Dave Walter said...

Finally! Good for you, Beck.

I've heard of reparative therapy, but what is affirmation therapy? I've never heard of such a thing.

Remember, therapy is about your coming to realizations and your deciding how to act on those realizations.

I think you'll quickly see that your therapist is really more a facilitator.

Elbow said...


Therapy is a hard road, but you will grow so much for this type of introspection.

Don't worry about changing anything, just let yourself tell you what you need to do through the guidance and questions of a trained therapist.

Remember, if you don't like your therapist, you can always change, but sometimes there is greater growth through someone who you don't necessarily click with because there is more friction to work off of (this will make more sense when you go).

I am really excited. I think you will be able to think more clearly after being able to talk things out.

Good luck.

Samantha said...

You aren't broken--you don't need to be fixed. The best counselors will provide you with the information you need to take the steps that feel right for YOU.

I also want to add that you need to gear up. Sometimes therapy exacerbates the pain--but it's necessary to find resolution. You might want to consider couples therapy in addition to individual?

You've taken a good step, a difficult step.

Samantha said...

This is totally off the subject--but may I borrow some eyes from your blog this week? I'm only posting them for a day--but if they're your own work, and you'd rather I didn't--I won't.

Beck said...

Samantha - Go ahead and take or copy what you want.

Thanks for following the blog. I appreciate your voice in this dialog.