Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm back! Miss me?

I'm back! Miss me?

Of course you were missing me and wondering where I went, right? Of course you've been waiting to find out where I went on my decade-changing birthday junket, right? (Actually, you didn't even know I was gone did you... :( )

Well, let's just say that I was carried away to the other side of the pond, and I kissed the Blarney Stone on my birthday! Ever since, I feel different. It was a complete surprise. I was totally blown away! She pulled it off... she really, really loves me! Isn't that amazing? She loves me for who I am! (Now if I can only figure out who I am and love myself a bit more we'll be on a good footing to go forward...)
And it was wonderful, and I love her so much.

If you've seen "Marley and Me" and you know where they went to get closer??? Well, whether that was her inspiration or not, it worked...

No angst to report... sorry to disappoint.
I know I get more feedback from angsty posts while more upbeat ones go silent (which is only natural)... The angstiest I can feel is angsting over how to get myself to Scott and Sarah's party tomorrow... and what I might find on the other side of their lovely home's threshold... now that is angst for you!

But don't worry, I'm sure it will return very quickly - Isn't that the nature of life's journey?


Ezra said...

It's called escapism--you left your problems behind while you were away.... I felt the same way when I was in Yosemite for a week, or San Francisco for the weekend--all the perils and fears were left behind and I felt free and unhindered.

I'm so happy that you're feeling well--hold onto that feeling for all you're worth. It is so easy to lose. I felt great for 3 days after returning to LA, and then the bottom feel out and I went back to being overwhelmed.

Sean said...

Congrats man! I'm glad you've got your groove back, at least for a little while. I hope that it continues to stay that way!

Kengo Biddles said...

I'm happy things are improving for you, Beckster!

Ned said...

How much did we miss you?
We'll tell you no lie
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

Well maybe not quite that much, but it's great that you're back. Welcome home!

Bravone said...

You didn't tell me your trip was a birthday surprise! How awesome! Not exactly Italy, but it will have to do. Have a super time at Scott & Sarah's party. Wish I could be there.

Bror said...

Sure I missed you. I am glad you had a good time.

Beck said...

EZRA: There is something magical about this escapism gig. I love going away and forgetting about the stresses of real life. Maybe it's just a habit of mine to flea or avoid reality and seek escape mechanisms... That said, it sure was great and I still feel good now a couple days back in the "real" world.

SEAN: I feel a groove. I'm not too worried about things. My crazy angsty feelings have mellowed and I hope they stay that way for a while, too. I hope you've survived another semester and things are good for you.

KENGO: Thanks, my friend.

NED: You embarrass me! I like the change of your personal photo there with your comment. Help me to know the significance of that particular view.

Beck said...

BRAVONE: Yeah, it was for my birthday and yes, so everyone is clear - I'm officially an "old fart" now as I'm now 50! For the younglings out there, this must seem ancient, but I don't feel ancient and I don't think I look ancient or act ancient, so maybe I'm not that ancient after all.

As for Scott and Sarah's party - yeah, I'm anticipating it with mixed feelings (not regarding them, but regarding my personal circumstances).

Mi dispiace che non potrai venire stassera, ma troveremo senz'altro un altra occasione per riunirci.

BROR: Thanks. Good to see you still around, too.

MoHoHawaii said...

Hi Beck,

It was so great to meet you at Scott and Sarah's.

Big bro hugs.

Beck said...

MOHOH: Big bro hugs back to you, my friend!

GeckoMan said...

Happy big 5-0!! Glad you had a wonderful time with your wife on the enchanted isle.
And judging from MHH's comment, you even went to Scott & Sarah's Moho party. . . I'd love to meet all of you sometime, too.

Beck said...

GECKO: Thanks for the kind wishes. I hope to meet you soon as well...

Sarah said...

GECKO--there is always next month's party! We'd be glad to meet you, as well.