Saturday, August 23, 2008

On a lighter note...

I've been pretty "heavy" lately.

So on a lighter note:

1) I love this photo. I just do.

2) In a weak moment of insanity expected of someone like me confused by my midlife crisis, I went out and bought some low-rise jeans that fit really comfortably and look good on me. They are my first pair of jeans that look "designer" and not something Mom would have bought me thirty years ago before a new school year. I'm thin enough that I can actually wear them. So why am I afraid to wear them in public?

3) My meager work out sessions, brief as they may be, are moving along quite well, thank you very much. I actually found that I have biceps! They've been hidden under decades of lack of activity or any strength training at all. Since I'm skinny, my arms are skinny... but I'm finding a bit of toning and shape and definition after a month. It's amazing that this midlife body can respond like this! I'm never ever going to be "muscular", but some definition is kind of exciting. It's giving me a bit of boost in my self-esteem of something "masculine" that I've never participated in before. I'm motivated to keep it going... and it keeps me focused on something productive.

4) I can't wait for Church tomorrow. No, really - don't laugh. I'm actually promising myself to be positive and reach out and stop brooding over hurt feelings... No promises, however, that I won't wear my brand new low-rise jeans with a blue shirt and green tie, instead of my standard uniform of white shirt, tie, and conservative suit. :)


Silver said...

keep up the workouts Beck. I saw a friend this weekend who was in town. We hadn't seen eachother for a year. He noticed the change in my stature. It's a nice payoff as a man in your forties to find that the daily routine does bring results. These middle age bodies do still respond. Good luck and enjoy those jeans.

Beck said...

Thanks for the support, Silver. For someone who's never done this before, I thought it might be stupid to try, but come to find out "it's never too late", even for midlife crisis guys like us! :)