Saturday, November 25, 2006

Go Cougars!

Okay... I really do try to have a bigger view of the world than just the Wasatch Front. I really do consider myself well-traveled and open to new ideas that are bigger than what happens within the state of Utah.
I recognize that those of you east of the Rockies may not even know that Utah exists at all... Case in point: Walking through the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston, I met a friendly contractor on the street who was working on a remodel project of a colonial gem of a house. He asked where I was from. "Utah," I replied enthusiastically.
I will never forget his response... He said: "Utah? There is no Utah! I haven't been there so it doesn't exist!"
That having been said... I don't follow many sports and I certainly don't play any team sports... and I recognize that football on the national scene doesn't even give the State of Utah a blink of attention... but living in Utah and having been both a BYU grad and a UofU grad (yes, I attended both schools and have degrees from both schools), the BYU vs. UofU football game has always been a big part of my life, from my early childhood memories to the present. To say that I don't care about other games or sports is a major understatement, but believe it or not, this game is a big deal...

and it's even bigger when BYU wins, such as today! To be able to dish it out a bit against my male buddies who are Ute fans is the best! (A great straight-male bonding thing!!!) As gaggy as this may sound... GO COUGARS!


Scot said...

One of our best friends is a gay father, and an ardent BYU fan. We go to breakfast with them about each week, and yesterday we, all four of us, showed up in our U of U garb. I, of course, now regret being so partisan, and know a ribbing is coming my way; there’s no escape from it, even in some parts of the gay world.

At least, being gay, I can convincingly act as though I don’t care, and just wait till next year. I'll remember this, Beck ;-).

Beck said...

Bring on the ribbing, Scot! I'm prepared for battle:)

Thanks for accepting me as I am with all my flaws and weaknesses, not as a gay married Mormon father - but as a pathetic closeted BYU fan who is outing himself in this queerosphere.

Thanks for not shunning me and accepting me just the same!:)

Loyalist (with defects) said...

I was telling scot that as a kid we had problems with cougars. We took care of it, but I don't know if that is a solution here - LOL