Saturday, December 12, 2009

Other recent revelations...

Other recent revelations...

1. With the proportional increase of sexual intimacy with your spouse, comes the logarithmic increase of contentment and joy index from same said spouse.

2. With the same proportional increase of intimacy with your spouse, comes the reverse proportional decrease of sexual arousal with yourself.

3. Both of the above statements can be true and fulfilled by a gay man married to a straight woman.

Though these truths should be self-evident to most, they aren't, especially in a MOM relationship such as ours. But, it is through this renewed effort that such truths are manifesting themselves afresh.

Just thought you'd like to know... :)

How long can the honeymoon last?

Buona Santa Lucia Day to everyone. St. Lucy's day is Sunday the 13th! Light a candle!


Ned said...

First of all congratulations! Second, I'm getting a double barrell shot of this truth. Yesterday it came in the form of a quote from GBH about putting your spouse's comfort, well-being and happiness above your own, and how that will ultimately make you happier. Now, essentially, I hear the same thing from you. I do know it is true and yet I could do so much more to make it happen in my own marriage. I guess the question is: What small thing or things can I do today to show my wife that how much I love her? What's your advice on a starting point? Or does it even matter? Is it just a matter of starting anywhere and then moving foward? First you get on the bicycle and then you head up the mountain? You've been at this for many weeks now, what do you recommend?

Beck said...

I don't think it really matters where you start. Just do something!

I'm not a pro, by any stretch of the imagination, but I would say that I'm learning that if I make myself open to her, listen to what she says, take clues from what she does, and then respond instead of be clueless... that's where it begins.

MNJ said...

You need to start a second career as a MOHO MOM counselor. Shall I call your receptionist for an appointment?