Monday, October 08, 2007

A few observations...

A few conference observations / impressions:

1. I really hope that I will have the finely tuned and sharp-as-a-tack sense of humor when I'm 97 years old as President Hinckley has. Though noticeably weaker in strength, his vigor and spiritual strength, inspiration and love are as strong and inspiring as ever.

2. One of the Savior's last strong messages before leaving his ministry was LOVE. When Nephi, King Benjamin, Mormon and Moroni finished their writings or delivered their final addresses, they were focused on Christ-centered love. When Elders Bruce R. McConkie, Neal A. Maxwell, or James E. Faust delivered their last addresses they were noted for their strength and power of Christ-centered love. Does not Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's address from Saturday rank in the same amazing category among these brethren?

3. President Henry B. Eyring's double home-run hit of "remembering the assurance of the Lord" when we are feeling inadequate for our measuring up to the task at hand, as well as REMEMBERING the small and simple spiritual experiences that come DAILY with the Spirit in our lives when we are doubting the Lord's hand in our lives - these experiences happen to each of us, if only we'll stop and ponder and recognize them - really hit home to me. In my life, this has been the message of the Book of Mormon - be it from Nephi, or Alma, or Moroni - I need to remember the Lord's goodness and help in my life... I need to remember why I do or don't feel so now! If I've forgotten, is it me or the Lord who has moved???

I like conference... It helps me to laugh with and feel inspired by the Prophet, feel the Lord's love and to remember other feelings... the unsaid, unwritten kind.


GeckoMan said...

I loved conference . . . the feeling I had when I first entered from the lobby into the main hall of the conference center on Saturday morning, seeing the assembling saints, the choir practicing--I started to tear up as I felt a rush of the Spirit, just by entering the Lord's house. What a remarkable place, and what a remarkable thing we do for 10 hours twice a year!

I am truly inspired by Henry Eyring. He is so real, so open and vulnerable, so honest and passionate! I cannot think of another apostle more appropriate to help guide the contemporary needs of the church. I think I shall be more regular in my blog to answering his question, 'how has the Lord touched my life today?'

Forester said...

What stood out for me at conference was a focus on revelation, both for the church and personally. Personal revelation is really a foundation of the gospel. I'm so glad that we can receive direct guidance for our lives without having to depend solely on what the GAs say.

I also missed the presence of Elders Faust and Maxwell. There are so many GAs I don't know very well. I also wish they would let GAs from other countries speak at conference in their own language. I don't mind reading subtitles or listening to an interpreter.

J G-W said...

THE highlight of the whole conference for me was Elder Wirthlin's talk. I'm with Gecko though... Feeling the Spirit, enjoying the feeling that comes from gathering with the Saints, it's incredible. I feel so lucky, so blessed to have that in my life again.

I've shared my highlights on my own blog.

Beck said...

GECKO: You're right in that there is an entirely different feeling when one participates within the same room as the speaker, in the community of saints.

I think that next April we'll take our kids to the Conference Center (as the youngest will be old enough) and stop participating in our pajamas.

FORESTER: I think it would be really cool to have a variety of languages expressed in their native tongues. Personally, I feel the double translation / interpretation is distracting, but with the talks pre-planned and pre-transcribed for translation, this would be very easily done with a transcript on the screen, be it on the television or the monitors in the Conf. Center.

It shows the international flavor of the church. My son actually commented... "Dad, if it really is an international church, how come so many leaders are from Utah?" Logically, I understand this, but in reality, it's not so stupid of a question.

JGW: Thanks for your insights and feelings. Your sensitivities to the spirit motivate me to do better!