Friday, July 16, 2010

A rare concert!

I went to a simply amazing concert last night. I rarely ever go to concerts, but when two of my favorite folk/pop artists came to town in a reunion tour, I just had to go!

And I was not disappointed. It was an unforgettable experience. To have Carole King and James Taylor together on the same stage with the same original band playing a mix of their oldies and goodies with a new twist with the magical blend of their silky voices was a joy. Super fantastic!

And to go and be there enjoying each mesmerizing note with my sweetheart just made it all that more special.

Yes, we are lost in the 70s and can't get out of that decade. Give me some slack. This was my coming-of-age decade... and in many ways, I haven't moved past it. But to see the energy and genuineness of two 60-somethings performing like 20-somethings was quite an inspiration to longevity and genius. They did not embarrass themselves for staying past their prime! They were in their prime!

Enough exclamation points... just wanted to share how happy this event has made me feel on an otherwise difficult week, and how grateful I am to share it with my wife at my side... more on that later.


Ned said...

Glad you got to attend and that you wrote a review, too.

King and Taylor are also an important part of the soundtrack of my teens and twenties. One of my favorites from the legendary Tapestry album is this one:

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever gonna make it home again
It's so far and out of sight
I really need someone to talk to, and nobody else
Knows how to comfort me tonight

Snow is cold, rain is wet
Chills my soul right to the marrow
I won't be happy till I see you alone again
Till I'm home again and feeling right

Snow is cold, rain is wet
Chills my soul right to the marrow
I won't be happy till I see you alone again
Till I'm home again and feeling right
Till I'm home again and feeling right

I wanna be home again and feeling right

Clark said...

A good friend from high school got to see the tour when it was in DC. Now, I have two friends to be jealous of. Love that music, you've got a friend is my favorite.

Beck said...

NED: I love the Tapestry album. It is legendary! Carole King is a gifted songwriter and amazing performer.

The way she works with James Taylor backing him up, him backing her up, complimenting each other - it's a thing of beauty!

CLARK: "You've Got a Friend" is an all-time favorite. I remember singing it arm-in-arm, heads-on-shoulders in English with my companion at a family home evening with a few Italian families and a couple of investigators. Though they didn't understand the lyrics, they knew the meaning and felt the impact of our friendship. It was a powerful signature moment framed forever by that incredible song.

Need I say that I was in tears last night as Carole and James sang it together - what a treat! Now, that's something to be jealous of!

M said...

Watching our musicians at a concert is absolutely different from watching them on TV. A concert has different atmosphere...


Romulus said...

I heard about this tour on NPR. Fun!

Rex said...

I am SO jealous! I'm right there with you. They are both phenomenal. I've always been a fan of Carole King. You can find her name on all sorts of songs that she didn't record. She's like the ultimate American pop composer! I saw the end of a taping of their concert on PBS. I would die to be there in person.

Sean said...

Glad you could get out and have fun! Always cherish the good and fun times you have!

Beck said...

M: How true! I've since watched video clips of their concert and it just isn't the same with the same emotion and impact of being there live in person! Sure, they make mistakes or sing slightly off key, yet the emotions and feelings of attachment of the moment are so real and tangible that it creates a sense of... magic.

ROM: It was fun!

REX: Maybe you can catch up with them somewhere... not sure it's worth your death to see, but it was good.

SEAN: Such wise advice! I hope you're doing the same!