Friday, April 02, 2010

Is it just me?

Is it just me? I mean, where has the prophet gone? Over the last several months, even year, it seems to me like the prophet has been incognito. Yes, there is General Conference and the temple dedications in Draper and S. Jordan, and the comforting of Marie at the Osmond funeral, but otherwise, where has he been? Am I missing something?

Even the Church News and the Ensign give messages from the prophet that date back years, even decades, reaching back for quotes from the past - nothing current. What about recently?

Maybe we're better off with "keep the status quo" and that no news is good news. But don't we live in troubling times? Aren't there stress and strain out there that may need some prophetic direction? Yes, we've heard from other members of the twelve who have made recent statements and given direction on current topics, politics and events - but not from the prophet as I can recall.

Again, am I missing something? Or should I not worry about such mundane things. Maybe I'm just longing for Pres. Hinckley's day of media charm. Obviously, I don't pretend to know what needs to be done nor would I be presumptuous to advise the Lord on how to run His Church, but I'm hungering for some kind of assurance that the prophet isn't just satisfied to let the others do the dirty work while he quietly sits in the background.

I remember fondly my high school years when then Elder Monson, the youngest apostle, came to speak at our seminary each year at the early morning firesides before school. His children went to school there and so there was a natural tie. I remember that we anticipated the day when he would become the prophet and looked forward to his leadership.

Well, that day is here. And I'm seeking to find that same anticipation inside me today. I hope I can find what I'm looking for in this upcoming conference.


Abelard Enigma said...

Hmmmm, now that you mention it . . .

Kengo Biddles said...

Each prophet is different - I mean, how many prophets did we have between President Kimball and President Hinckley - and there's only fleeting memories of those between because Kimball and Hinckley were so dynamic, so "Out There" in the public eye that they really garnered our attention.

We'll see.

Mister Curie said...

Perhaps you are unaware of the blog ( that follows and links all of the prophets appearances. You may feel more in contact with him if you add this one to your reader.

Beck said...

ABE: You mean it just isn't me?

KENGO: That's my point, though... I have this strong adolescent impression and anticipation of something more dynamic and energetic and "out there among the Saints" and being more than just a figure head.

MC: I checked out the site, and it makes my point! I panned back the last four or five months and yes, he is great at attending funerals and comforting people. I guess that's good enough? Why do I want more? Why should I expect more? And no, I don't want this site on my reader, but thanks for the look-see.

Mister Curie said...

I see. You aren't so interested in knowing where President Monson has gone, as knowing where the Prophet has gone. I understand the difference. I predict a huge "Nothing new" out of General Conference, but that's my internal pessimist.

Beck said...

No, you misunderstand. Don't take me wrong. I am grateful for your link and it is helpful. What I am saying is that I am not so interested in looking for "where" he has been (this place, that site, this funeral, that reunion). I am looking for "what" he has said, and yes, I am indeed looking forward to conference and to what he will say.

This is an observation that even the more "official" statements from the Ensign and Church News have been giving quotes from the past instead of current quotes or writings from him. I was just stating that fact.

And no, it does not have to be "new" or "tintilating" or "newsworthy".

This is just an observation that I have missed him being more vocal and more forthright. I may have missed it. I may regret asking for more and may need more humility.

BTW, I really do enjoy conference and am "optimistic" that I will again this time.

Beck said...

ROB: I do appreciate and respect his individual quiet service, his individual hugs, his individual caring touch. That is great, and has always endeared me to him... but "caretaker administration" may sum up my sense of frustration. I guess I should be more satisfied and willing to follow his quiet example, as I know I've got a lot of progress to make in those aspects of my life.

Wyatt said...

I feel like these are hard times for Thomas Monson because of the climate of where progress is headed. It seems more and more people inside and outside the church are becoming open to the idea of gay marriage. And along with that.

My gaydar (and I know gaydar is not a real thing) has never been wrong so far, and many my not agree with me but Mr. Monson is gay. He's a homosexual. And I think his sexuality has taken a toll on him psychologically and within his leadership duties.

Just sayin'...

santorio said...

That's great Wyatt. He does like musicals, right? And he's not bothered by scantily-clad girls in those musicals because that's not who he's looking at.

Next in line Boyd Packer is not in good health, I hear. Who's next after that?

This mindless speculation is not restricted to Mormons, I'm sure Catholics are wondering who's going to follow Benedict.

And I'm waiting for Clarence Thomas to, well, you know...

Beck said...

WYATT: Wow, Wyatt!!!... I was just hoping for a bit more prophetic leadership, and you go off on Pres. Monson being gay? SLAP! Wasn't expecting that one...

Why do you say that? Because he's caring and compassionate? Because he loves to hug? Because he's sensitive to other's needs? Because he's not athletic? Because he raised pigeons? I don't understand...

SANTORIO: I love musicals, too, and have seen Pres. Monson at every "Bravo Broadway" the Utah Symphony puts on! We both love Broadway... maybe other things in common?

Guys, this wasn't where I was going, but interesting wrinkle... If the prophet were "gay", I would think more earnest thought would be given to the issue. Inspiration and revelation come from earnest pleading with the Lord. I don't think that such thought for such pleadings has even been considered or questions even pondered.

Abelard Enigma said...

I wouldn't get too hung up on the idea that Monson might be a closeted, in denial, gay man. There are some who speculate the same about Spencer Kimball, arguing that it was his internal self hatred of that part of himself that drove him to write the things he did in tMoF.

I'm not going to lose any sleep expecting some big change of direction in gay relations within the LDS church. After all, the prop 8 brouhaha happened under Monson's watch.

Chester said...

The church is usually anti-hype, and if we look at the last 100 years of the church about how often are there major announcements in conference?

Who knows? But conference is usually pretty humdrum. Sort of like sacrament meeting. It's about maintenance. If sacrament meeting is like filling your tank with fuel, then conference is like an oil change and tire rotation; not an engine overhaul.

Wyatt said...


I'm just saying, you kind of spelled it out perfectly: "He's caring and compassionate."
gay. check.
"He loves to hug."
gay. check
"He's sensitive to other's needs."
gay. check.
"He's not athletic."
gay. check.
"He raised pigeons?"
? I don't know what that means...

"He love musicals."
gay. check.
He goes to "every "Bravo Broadway" the Utah Symphony puts on!"
gay. check.

What gay guy quotes a Broadway musical in every talk he gives.
Besides, what's wrong with him being gay? Do I detect some internalized homophobia?

"If the prophet were 'gay', I would think more earnest thought would be given to the issue."

Bek, with all due respect - The Mormon church is a manmade bureaucracy that is run like a corporation. It's not about inspiration, Bek. And the only revelation coming out of their boardroom meetings is how to promulgate the lie that priesthood is real and that tithing is spent legitimately. There's no one true church.

You're being dismissive to the personal revelation that the universe can provide you on a daily basis - live your life! Be free! Follow your path and your own journey. No closeted Prophet is going to lead you to some higher enlightenment.

Only you can find your own truth.

Beck said...

ABE and CHESTER: I don't expect nor anticipate any "announcement" or "big change". It is not something that I even think about. Conference is a time of retuning along the lines of an "oil change". I love the "oil change" opportunities.

This post was not trying to anticipate anything "big" or even any note of "gay" issues. Instead, this post was feeling a sense of a lack of "prophetic guidance" and "current command at the wheel" and feeling a lack of the dynamic future-looking (not longing-for-the-past) leader I saw in Pres. Monson back when I was in high school... nothing more.

I know I'm the one lacking and need the "tune up".

Beck said...

WYATT: The "pigeon" reference comes to him being a "homebody" and raising pigeons as a boy and into his adulthood, a hobby instead of a sport or something more "jock-like".

As for whether he is gay or not, I am not going to worry about. I do not feel that I am homophobic about this.

Whether he is the head of a corporation and sits at a boardroom trying to justify taking tithes and perpetuating the lie that the priesthood is true.

May I say that I willingly pay tithes because I have seen the good that it does in my life and in the lives of others. He does not make me pay tithes or even guilt me into doing so. It is something that I do in faith, with a spiritual assurance that what I am doing is what I want to do with my resources.

May I also say that the priesthood has been shown to be real in my life in personal ways that come between me and the Lord, not from some boardroom policy or lie-making.

Such personal witnesses are between me and the Lord. And yes, I feel and have faith that He is real, too, and not a lie as well.

I have doubts and have concerns. But my assurances have come from personal research and experience, not from some enlightenment from that boardroom. I have been inspired by said suspect leaders, and continue to be so, even during times of doubt and concern.

You're right... only I can find my own truth.