Friday, March 05, 2010

Full circle...

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe that things happen because of chance?

Do you believe that we come together for a reason?

Is there a greater plan in the works with an unseen hand overseeing our connections? Or is it just by chance that we meet and make what we do of our meetings and nothing more?

I believe that we do connect for reasons beyond our understanding. I do believe that there is a higher purpose for these connections, and that there is a loving hand influencing our lives for good.

Such has been brought to evidence in recent events in my family. The "chance" of certain events coming together, the prediction - no, it was more a prophetic statement of fact - some 19 years ago of an event to come... a confirmation that what was happening then, all of the lined up stars and improbable coincidences that occurred then, that have now come full circle in an amazing and incredible way, fulfilling exactly that prophecy.

It is too much to think this is all by chance. There has to be more to it. There must be a higher purpose. Is it presumptuous of me to think so? Is it possible that the birth of a son in a far away eastern nation was meant to be brought to us, to grow and learn, to become a man, and to now return to his place of birth to serve the very people that sent him away?

(And to think he's survived a father who has questioned his own foundation, a father who has come to terms with being gay and liking guys, and a marriage of his parents that has been on the rocks for most of his life, and just now figuring out how to make it work).

I am so grateful. It is a very tender mercy. It continues to be a miracle. He has come full circle.


Bravone said...

Oh, I am so excited for him and your family. What a wonderful experience. I believe God's hand is involved.

I have a cousin serving there and loves it. They are growing like mad.

It might only be better if he were going to Italy :)

Ned said...

What a beautiful circle you have painted!

Clark Campbell said...

I am so glad your blog is open again. I have been checking every so often since it was "closed" last July. Now, I have 8 months to catch up on. I wonder what I missed. Thanks for sharing again, can't wait to catch up with an old friend, (even though you don't know me)

Beck said...

BRAVONE: You've got to let me know more about your cousin. We are hungry for information about how the work is going and what he should expect! Fammi sapere senz'altro...

NED: I wasn't the painter. The beautiful circle was painted by a better hand than mine.

CLARK: Thanks for commenting and making yourself known! I am glad to be back, though I'm still figuring out why I want to be back. Let me know your thoughts and why you have followed this blog. Let me know your story. Have you considered blogging?