Friday, December 24, 2010

My 5th Christmas with you!

This is my 5th Christmas as Beck on this blog! I'm still here!

I want to wish each reader a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hopefully you can find in these silly meanderings of my mind some kind of value for you in yours. I'm still here for my 5th Christmas because of just that - value and validation I find from this community, and I thank you for expanding my beliefs, questioning the status quo, pushing me to think outside the box, and encouraging me to find ways to be "me".

Though my path may not be yours, though I may frustrate you in the slow pace I'm taking in my coming-to-terms-with-my-attraction-for-men journey, I appreciate the love and sustaining support that I feel along the way. I sincerely hope that I can extend to you the love I feel toward you and I thank you.

There is so much to hope for! There is always HOPE!

Thank you for being out there!




Neal said...

Merry Christmas, Beck. Glad you're with us!

Bror said...

Merry Christmas to you too Beck. Thanks for sticking around, I like it a lot.

bradcarmack said...

Keep it up, Beck! And Merry Christmas.

Also, would you like to post a review of my book? ( A summary is at

Beck said...

NEAL and BROR: Thanks for your kind words. Often I'm insecure regarding my purpose in staying. Knowing it has value for some encourages the stay.

Happy New Year to you both!

BRAD: I downloaded your book and took the time to skim and read through most of it. I found many of your comments very compelling and found your arguments for taking on such a project and even pushing it "out there" faster than you had anticipated very intriguing.

I'm sorry for your resulting strained relations with your family and the loss of a girlfriend, and the loss of support from your professors. This has obviously been a work of passion and love that transcends those relationships and sustaining influences.

I would like to take more time to read it more completely. I hope others will, too. I'm not sure how much you've followed me or my story, or with all of your research and compilations of stories can you confirm how atypical my story is.

I'd love the see a follow-up where the stories of various MOHOs are documented and recorded in some way to show the various paths and choices being made in dealing with this powerplay between the church and one's own sense of being.

The key is that the word gets out, even for those like me still in the closet, but still striving to find a way to survive, and yes, even thrive with my choices.

Mormon Guy said...

Random question: parli l'italiano?

Beck said...

MG: Chi vuole sapere? Se leggi cio che scrivo sara' ovvio.

Anonymous said...

I've come across your blog thru reading the blog of Invictus Pilgrim. I too am a married Mormon. Would be nice to talk to you about this.