Friday, March 13, 2009

Need to find me a crush!


I'm going nuts!

I'm going through serious withdrawals...

I've got a major deadline and I can't concentrate - I can't work...

I can't think straight (though I never could)...

I really, really need to find me a boy-crush!

If I don't find someone to crush on pretty soon, I may join a gym or take a photography class, or who knows what... maybe even get a massage from a hot male masseuse... or maybe disappear to Italy.

Help! Any suggestions on where I can find me a good "crush"? All my typical resources have dried up.
Just a little crush - nothing too serious - but something to get me going again. I can be a great friend, very kind and sweet and mentoring and financially helpful, and ... :)
This gay-adolescent phase of mine has kicked in again in earnest...
When will it ever end? (Don't answer that!)

! SLAP ! (firmly on the back of the head)
Thanks, I needed that... back to the grindstone...


Bravone said...

Ti spacco la faccia! Non andare in Italia! Vada dovunque ne mondo, ma non Italia! Allora, stai me bene!

Alan said...


LOL. I think that doesn't quite answer his question though . . . .

Abelard Enigma said...

You're just going through gay Pon Farr. Buckle up cause you're in for a hellava ride. But, it will subside - eventually.

I'm here - if you just need someone to talk to.

Beck said...

BRAVONE / ALAN / ABE: Thanks, but you're not answering my question! How do I find new associations to meet new guys within my limitations and get some man-crushing going on???

I know this post is half-facetious, but there is a very gay-Pon-Farr going on that isn't facetious at all and I'm serious - I need to find a crush! All my crushes are gone or too far away.

So what is one to do? That is the question.

So go back to the comment board and start over again! :)

Sean said...

Oh boy! You found what you are missing! Join a photography club/group. I'm sure that there are a lot of people you can crush on in there!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bravone. Don't go to Italy. Unless you are prepared to have more than a simple crush. And, no, do NOT take Bravone with you to Italy!

Take up an automotive class. Or a gym membership. Or try an online "dating" site. Or, join an online support group for gay men. Lots of men there willing to crush and be crushed.

Bror said...

Gay Pon Farr, now that is hilarious. That could be quite serious if not handled correctly. Hmmmm I am thinking of what to do for you. :)

robert said...

ok...massage, again. its really ok even if you aren't with it. :)

playasinmar said...

I've solved all your problems - don't freak out.

Beck said...

SEAN: Again, thanks for your encouragement to get out there a bit more.

ANON: What if we all went to Italy together? We could chaperone each other!

As for automotive class or gym membership - I'd have to get over my intimidation factor of being totally inadequate, but it's worth a try to face one's fears, right?

As for dating sites and gay support groups - I'm not really looking for a "gay guy" as I tend to go after all the wrong dead-end straight guys who are open to us more affectionate types. It's safer that way. But, maybe that's why my guys are always a dead-end in the end and I should branch out and consider gay guys as well to crush on.... hmmm.

BROR: Keep thinking. I need your wisdom.

ROBERT: I think I need to go on a cruise ship or on vacation somewhere and then I'll be more open to the hot masseuse. Maybe for my upcoming birthday trip? Doing it down the street still feels funny.

Beck said...

PLAYA: You've saved the day! You got the not-so-secret message I was trying to send to the blogosphere. I am so pathetically lonely and desperate for a "boyfriend" that I need a public service announcement and you finally got the message and were kind enough to do something about it! YEAH!

Now we'll see if there are any takers.

I assume that because you've posted the PSA, you're at least subconsciously considering the option of personally fulfilling my needs of a boy-crush, right?

Philip said...

Oh, isn't gay celibacy grand.

In my twenties, there was the cycle. First day OK. Second day horney. Third day hit the wall.

In my thirties, I was constantly hyper like I had just drank several pots of coffee.

In my forties, I called it catching the gay wave. I would get swept up for a while until it stopped just as abruptly as it began.

Now it's like turbulence - everything is flying along smoothly then the ride gets bumpy.

But I never had it as bad as my friend Larry who's straight. Talk about squirrely. He's a preacher now.


2Mod4U said...

I'm certainly amenable to a bit of a crush.

Beck said...

PHILIP said: "Isn't gay celibacy grand..."

I guess that's what it's called... I've been a gay celibate for so long but never have thought of it in that term!

2MOD4U: Maybe you could start by getting to know me better by dying my hair blond and we can go from there? :)