Monday, November 10, 2008

An Ironic Parallel...

Anyone along the Wasatch Front who lives north of SLC must, by default, despise Rocky Anderson (the previous mayor of SLC), if only for his stance against the Legacy Parkway (a newly completed divided highway through Davis County). At least for me and my house, we are as anti-Rocky as can be, feeling as if he were trampling on our rights, our way of life, and despising us simply because of the choices we have made to live where we live and the audacity of us still desiring to conduct business, attend cultural events, and to shop in the capital city center of the state while residing north of his beloved city. The ills and horrific consequences of building such a highway were legally protested and he and his organized group were successful in delaying construction for nearly a decade, at the tax payers expense of gazillions of dollars, all for the sake of fighting against moral and noble issues such as urban sprawl, destruction of "wetlands", and mandating a public to be coerced into using mass transit for the overall benefit of society as a whole.

In the end, we got our highway, wetlands were mitigated, traffic issues have been greatly diminished, and the quality of life for all citizens has improved. In the end, coercion does not work, no matter how "noble" or "moral" the cause.

In a certain way, though I'm not clever enough to articulate it properly, isn't there a lesson to be learned on legislating coercion on same-sex marriage, even if it is such a "noble" or "moral" cause? Will we find that after a tremendous amount of tax-payer expense, legal costs, and delays, that the common will and good of the people will prevail for ALL in the end?

That said, I found it ironic that in reading the paper regarding the recent protest at Temple Square last week:

"Let us all call for greater love, better understanding, dignity and respect toward all — regardless of race, regardless of faith or lack of faith, and regardless of sexual orientation." -- Rocky Anderson

... that I found myself agreeing with Rocky on this issue. Heaven forbid!

Too bad he wasn't for greater love, better understanding, dignity and respect toward all when we were battling the social ills, marital stress and child anxiety caused by Davis County congestion.


Beck said...

I guess this one went over like a lead balloon...

Moral of the story: "Just like in the pre-existence coercion never wins, no matter how noble or worthy a goal; agency will always ultimately be victorious."

Silver said...

This message is not, is not, I repeat, is not lost on me!!! I hold the same level of distain for Rocky Anderson if not more; having endured the agony of Davis County Grid Lock myself for many, many years. Who does he think supports the lovely city that he so arrogantly claims as his own? Has he ever noted the number of North County citizens who work and support the city, the government, the sports and the arts with their daily labor, patronage and commerce? What an arrogant, irreverent dolt! The mere mention of his unholy name drives me into a rage!

Now, I too have to agree with his politically correct and eloquent words espousing tolerance and understanding.

I guess I agree with Rocky on .001%of the issues.

I'm with you on this Beck. Great observation. Now, can we please have another lane and 65 MPH? Argggg!&*&$&#@(&^!! Oh yeah, we already spent that to buy off the first contractor!