Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mi sono ritornato!

For what it's worth...

I'm back!!!

I've been out of the country for a couple of weeks and then out of town on business an additional week that has kept me super crazy busy.

But it's all good. I'd rather be traveling the globe and / or super busy at work than otherwise. Good things have been happening and I may decide to report on where I've been and what's going on from time to time... Beck is still around, maybe just not as intensively as before - that is, until the cycle repeats and the angst returns.

So, best wishes to any readers still out there. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Invictus Pilgrim said...

It's soooooo good for me to have you back. I was afraid you'd backed away from your blog. Your blog was an inspiration to me.

Invictus Pilgrim said...

Oh, forgot to mention. Loved the picture. It's so .... Italian.

Beck said...

It's been a pleasure "meeting" you this afternoon as I have read your posts in your new blog. I'm tickled that my blog has been a source of inspiration for you. At times I wonder why after so many years I continue to blog and often I contemplate the fact that I should move on and get on with it all... and that I've said all that there is to say.

Instead, you've restored in me a vision that there is some good that can come from my still hanging around posting my rambling of a confused gay guy sorting things out in his life and trying to do the best he can. It is humbling, indeed.

Literally, I was going to just slowly walk away, and you've instilled in me a motivation to still stay. And I thank you for that.

Beck said...

oh... and welcome to the community! It has been a blessing in my life, and I hope you find it to be so in yours, too.

Neal said...

Glad you're back!! After an extended stretch of silence I've taken up posting again, and I was a little disheartened to think you had perhaps left the Blogshphere. I've always enjoyed what you had to say, so when I came back yours was one of the first blogs I visited.

Hope your trip was restful and rewarding. I love going on an adventure like that!


Ned said...

Benvenuto indietro il mio amico. Sono così felice di vederli sentirmi ancora. Osservo in avanti a lettura che cosa dovete dire. Ringraziamenti per la vostra buona vita e l'influenza positiva siete. Di nuovo, dia il benvenuto a indietro. Stiamo legando un nastro giallo intorno al vecchio albero della quercia per dire che siamo felici di vederli.

Bror said...


Beck said...

NEAL: Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are back as well.

NED: I didn't know you wrote such beautiful Italian. Certainly a man of many talents!

BROR: Enough said!